The Top Issues We're Working on to Improve Quality of Life for Patients with Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease

Sedentary Lifestyle

Sedentary Lifestyle

Current oximeter devices limit patients’ activity because of the fear that exertive movement will compromise their oximeter’s accuracy. This is exacerbated during winter months as risk of infection increases.
Fear of Interaction

Fear of Interaction

Elderly patients with compromised breathing are fearful of infection. A grandparent with chronic lower respiratory disease may be hesitent to spend time with grandchildren knowing minor colds pose major risks.
Oximeters Today

Oximeters Today

Finger pulse oximeters can be intrusive and embarrassing. Additionally, a pulse oximeter’s accuracy, without a fully charged battery, cannot be completely trusted.
Compromised Immune System

Compromised Immune Sys

As lung function worsetemns risk of respiratory tract infection also increases. The impaired, innate immune system is the most likely the cause for bacterial colonization of the respiratory tract and an increased risk of infection from new bacteria strains.

Our Platform Delivers for Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease Patients

Constant Updates

Like wearable step counters, Respira updates patients and physicians. Patients with Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease benefit most with our continuous oxygen monitoring and alerts. When levels drop (88% is the lowest recommended threshold for extra medicinal oxygen) a vibration or sound notifies the patient and doctor.

Better Knowledge

Users can better understand oxygen needs when walking or exercising, or at night when saturation commonly drops.

Tranparency for Patients

Respira helps patients make better decisions about oxygen consumption and allocates the right oxygen flow to maintain levels above 93%.

Preventative Care

Respira warns of triggers or infections that cause unexpected desaturation levels, which signals a respiratory flare-up. A communication to a primary care provider avoids costly Emergency Room visits with a similar treatment outcome.

An affordable connected oxygen monitor that benefits Patients, Clinicians, and Insurers

For Physicians

Better Communication

Doctors must communicate with patients about treatment challenges and care options. Respira Labs proprietary sensor provides the necessary data accurately and in real time; doctors gain key insights for action plans and potential outcomes that they can share with patients.

Better Time Management

Doctors can treat more patients using telehealth. Respira Labs primary goal is building a connected, wearable oxygen monitor that gives doctors clear, transparent patient information. Physicians can maximize their time and prioritize different treatment options for different tiers of patients.

24/7 Data for Physicians

Respira’s remote 24/7 monitoring functionality facilitates faster, more efficient reaction. Our device alerts patients and caregivers (family or doctors) to dropping oxygenation levels enabling remote prescribtion of medication.

For Payers

Dramatic Cost Savings

Each emergency room visit costs insurance companies thousands of dollars in United States and abroad becasuse of expensive, and often needless procedures, that increse costs. Respira Labs is working to deliver a connected oxygen monitoring device that engages patients and doctors to work together to reduce emergency room visits. Patients’ quality of life increases and insurance premiums can decrease.

Data Preventative Treatment

Respira Labs prevents disease complications, and potentially additional emergency room visits, using an adaptive algorithm that predicts oxygen desaturations. Our product warns of triggers or infections that cause unexpected desaturation levels, which would signal a lower respiratory exacerbation or flare-up.

Rural Support & Reduced Risk

Rural communities often lack suffiecnt numbers of doctors. Telemedicine is the only realistic solution for patients in these areas. Respira is built for the growing telemedicine market giving people medical assurance not possible in the past.

For Patients

Autonomy & Knowledge

Patients want access to data and technology to take personal control of their health. Respira Labs enables patients to mitigate compromised pulmonary function with a discreet, connected oxygen monitor that makes more active lifestyles and better interaction with physicians possible.

Remote Care & Less ER Visits

Patients with compromised lower respiratory function are more susceptible to infection. Engaged patients using Respira Labs sensor technology can reduce hospital visits and risk of infection with remote care that equals on premise treatment.

Fair Cost for all People

Respira Labs uses a proprietary algorithm to achieve an unmatched combination of accuracy and comfort while provinding patients a solution that costs 50% less to manufacture versus currently used pulse oximeters.

Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease Key Numbers

24 Million People
Main Goal: Improve health in 24M Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease patients in US by assuring better adherence to medications and decreasing number of respiratory crises
$57 Billion Market
Global market is $57 billion, US market is $6 billion. We anticipate Respira’s immediate target market to be $138 million at a competitive price
75% Avoidable Costs
75% of medical costs are avoidable, costing the US healthcare system $30Bevery year in emergency room visits and unnecessary hospitalizations.

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